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The Trout fishing in recent weeks has been little short of spectacular! The lake was stocked mid -March with 1lb 8oz ? 2lb Brown Trout and from word go we had some epic catches with some anglers catching 20+ fish in a day. Towards the end of March we really juiced things up with the introduction of some mammoth Brown Trout averaging 10lb in weight. For the first few weeks spinning tactics reigned supreme, however fish were being taken on fly and worm to and there were great reports from both boat and bank anglers alike.

Its May now and the water temperature is rising quickly which has sparked some epic hatches of fly life, with Buzzers, Alders , Sedges and Damsels starting to come off the water in numbers. There are also falls of Bracken Clocks and the odd Daddy long legs. However with warm conditions prevailing the fish are staying deep, so any surface activity is restricted to either end of the day. So fly anglers take note. If your planning a trip. Get yourself out in a boat at the crack of Sparrows or later in an evening for best results! The fish I have spooned  are chocked with fly life, particularly black Buzzer.

Over recent weeks there has been many notable catches,  too many to list here in detail, however those of you that have been following us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ will already be tuned in to whats been going on here. Don?t get me wrong the fishing has been challenging from time to time, but for the articulate angler that is willing to change tactics, areas and methods at the drop of a hat. They have been encountering some fantastic fishing, that?s for sure! For instance with the bright , warm conditions that are with us presently, the fish are holding deep and best tactics are legered worm in the deeper water. A few weeks ago the fish were very forthcoming in the upper layers.

As I say theres been too many to list everyone, however a couple of notable catches include, Phil Riley who had numerous  brown?s over two visits including fish of  6 in total on one visit, fishing from the boat. He had 3x 2lb?ers, 2x 8lbers and a 12 pounder. On a subsequent visit he landed 10 browns to 7lb 3oz. Both times spinners did the business! (see attached photo).  Another worthy mention is Andrew Carass who had 3 Brown Trout in 3 casts weighing 30lb in total on spinners from the boats. Sam?s best fish was 13lb+.

To finish off on the Trout fishing the lake is getting stocked again this afternoon. Watch this space!


Once again only good things to report. The general Coarse fishing has been ?On fire?, with many big bags reported on feeder, sliding waggler and pole tactics. The car park peg has been most productive, however the banking opposite the ticket office, the boathouse stretch on the Eastern bank and the mouth of Swimming Pool and Grubhole at the North end of the lake have been the best pegs to head for.

One guy from Sunderland, namely Richard Metcalfe has been a couple of times over recent weeks and recorded bags of 75lb and 59lb 7oz respectively! Awesome fishing by anybodies standards! A brief reminder though for anyone targeting the Coarse fish is that ALL Trout must be returned to the water immediately and NO Trout to be kept in Keepnets if accidently caught! Also don?t forget we now stock a full range of bait, including pellets, groundbait, sweetcorn, hemp, worms and maggots.

And don?t forget folks our onsite café is now fully operational with all day breakfasts, breakfast buns, sandwiches and snacks. We can even deliver food to your swim!

To keep up with daily activity here at the fishery, please follow us on Facebook , Twitter and Google+. To book a boat or make enquiries please telephone Dave on 015394 36541.

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Best Regards

David Coleman M.I.F.M


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